Welcome Butterfly Fanciers


Dear Butterfly Enthusiast,

I’d like your help.

One of the goals of Southern California’s Butterfly Place is to provide ideas and inspiration for others planning their own butterfly gardens. We’d love to include photos of your garden, whatever the size or design.

If you email a photo of your butterfly garden (daviddrleon@aol.com), I will send you a sheet of butterfly stickers, butterfly tattoo (kids love them), and bookmark. We will add your garden photo to the Photos section.

Looking forward to seeing your photos. Thanks for helping to make this a better Place.



Dear Friend (Butterfly enthusiast),

I have had a long-time fascination with butterflies, starting as a young boy when I would chase an elusive Monarch or Painted Lady through a meadow. I have continued this interest as an adult; learning more about the diverse species and even “raising” some on my own. 

I started this blog-site as a way to share my own ideas and more importantly, the expertise of others. Special thanks to Jim Berrian and staff at the San Diego Natural History Museum.

You’ll find creative garden designs, special resources, news about butterfly developments and more. Just review the the various pages (listed at top) on a regular basis. In addition, I’ve provided several links (blogroll) that will provide even more information. 

While there are a number of larger butterfly-related Websites–with details on nationwide and state species and viewing sites–our plan is to make this the most comprehensive source of information for Southern California. 

Of course, we encourage your input, especially questions and suggestions.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Meanwhile, enjoy your first (or repeat) visit to Southern California’s Butterfly Place.

Best wishes,

David Robinson (daviddrleon@aol.com)